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Meet the Artist!

After being told by her college advisor that as a (black) woman, she wouldn't make much of a career as a painter, Kamika Perry–a Jamaican native, put down her brushes and switched her major to media and graphic design. Still continuing to paint in the moonlight, Kamika decided to finally stepped into the light. Initially her painting was an escape from stress, her vibrant spirit emanates from her pieces as she spends hours of fun tuning her thoughts and emotions into creative expression. 


The inspiration for the “social” collection came shortly after Kamika completed a project for the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball team*. This project was about the positive future of Social Justice. To Kamika, being “social” is the ultimate goal, and justice should always be a given. The underlying theme for each piece in her own words:


"Being social is part of living. Even though we are all different, we all are some how connected and can impact each other in ways we never knew. The Social Collection explores the ideas behind boundaries and interaction."


The year 2020 was hard on everyone. But 2020-2021 was also especially challenging for Kamika and her family. As usual, Kamika used her art to process her emotions. As of June 2021 the "Balance" Collection was born. The delightful shapes may seem asymmetrical and should appear at any moment they should topple over, but they are carefully measured and placed within symmetrical lines on the canvas:

"I wanted the pieces within this collection to create a sense of tension and balance. At first, the shapes may not appear to be balanced. But on closer observation, each 2-dimensional piece should create tension as well as motion within the eye of the viewer. Almost as though at any moment the shapes would topple over but are in fact, carefully balanced. Life can be like that, juggling a lot of different things that may not always fit together but works.."

*Watch the Notre Dame Video | Read the Story

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