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Art Features

Below are special projects I've been featured in. Thank you to everyone that has allowed my art to have a platform!

"Freedom Is.." Solo Exhibition

I could not be more grateful to the St. Joseph County Library for allowing me to feature my FIRST solo exhibition! This collection is called Freedom is.. as featured in news channels WNDU, and WSBT. Click to watch.

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Notre Dame Womens Basketball

It was my absolute privilege to be the local artist honored with the task of using art as a way to display a powerful and positive message about unity and love. Check out the story, and the video below! 


Kroc Center - Live Paint 2021

An Evening at the Kroc Center" is an annual virtual fundraiser (due to 2020-2021 pandemic) where, this year, I painted live on stage. The final painted piece was then auctioned off during a 3-day silent auction from September 23-26th, 2021. The funds from the auction sale will be used to continue the amazing work done by the center. See more below:


"Unity + Love"

For the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims I was asked to create a piece that spoke to the experience of those affected by gun violence. 

As an abstract artist, I use shapes, color and texture, to represent many things. The shapes in the middle of this canvas serve as the centerpiece, which is the reason all the other shapes are touching. This illustrates the idea that no one goes through an event like gun violence alone—it never affects just one person. At first glance, the reds may be associated with "violence", but according to color psychology, Red is actually a color that represents the STRONGEST of emotions, we know this emotion to be LOVE. “National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims” may have been born out of grief, but the strongest emotion I saw displayed on this day was actually, LOVE.

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 2.59.12 PM.png

Art Beat 2021

In August 2021 I decided to do something I was very nervous and afraid to do: Put my collections out there for the world to see. I went to Art Beat 2021 for one simple fact, getting over myself. I'd just lost my father, my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer, things were spiraling. This was an important step for just me. But to my surprise stepping out came with an extra reward!  

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